Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello There! Welcome to Home Grown Gluten-Free!

My name is Mary and I am so happy for you to be here! A little bit about me; I recently just graduated in 2012 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Dietetics and a minor in Psychology. I am artsy, but not in you're typical "drawing, painting" way. I like to make art in all different ways. I like to crochet and knit and all that fun stuff.  I love, love, LOVE food. I love to cook and bake. It is a definite passion. Although I am no chef, I originally went into dietetics to cook. I loved the fact that cooking healthy recipes was an aspect of the field. Although my current job does not in any way deal with cooking, I love to cook and create new recipes in my free time.

I started this blog as a way for individuals who avoid gluten and dairy to still be able to make and eat yummy food! I have recently been following a gluten and dairy free lifestyle due to health issues. Although I found it hard to eat both gluten and dairy free, as a Registered Dietitian, I am able to create gluten and dairy free foods and still be able to eat healthfully and not dread it. I want to be able to share all my findings with the world, because being gluten and dairy free is frustrating. Gluten and dairy free allergies are popping up everywhere, more and more these days..and that's not something that is to be most people it is dreaded. So I try and create healthy, gluten and dairy free recipes that are still yummy and hopefully takes the frustration away from the gluten and dairy free lifestyle.

Although I am a dietitian, I am not the perfect eater. I love desserts just as much as the next person. So be prepared to eat delicious gluten and dairy free foods and love every minute of it! ENJOY!

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