Wednesday, July 3, 2013


So within the last couple months I have come to the conclusion that roasting ANYTHING in the oven tastes amazing! 
I've tried roasting all things in the oven from Brussels sprouts ( which of course I hated them, but once I roasted them, I had a new love for them!), to asparagus, to artichokes, to chick peas.
Vegetables are the thing to roast if you have any doubts about how to cook any vegetables. It's so easy too!! Just place whatever you want to roast on baking sheets, put about a tablespoon of oil ( I use canola oil or olive oil), over the vegetables, and salt and pepper to season! Pop in the oven at about 350 degrees F and roast away! All different foods are going to take different lengths of time, so just keep checking and once it starts to lightly brown, it's done! So yummy and good! 

Look how yummy these roasted chick peas look!! :) yummmmm. 

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